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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation art dog
Location west oakland, ca, United States

i'm an anarcha-feminist vegan straightedge analog cyberpunk, as well as a geek, hacker, raver, skater, chiphead, rivethead, cypherpunk, writer, artist, designer, musician and friend.
Interests art, music, veganism, anarchism, feminism, skateboarding, street art
Favorite Movies hackers, the nightmare before christmas, run lola run, blade runner, the fifth element, district b13, sin city, ghost in the shell, tank girl
Favorite Music mindless self indulgence, afi, the rise, atari teenage riot, helltrash, skabdriver, error, refused
Favorite Books william gibson, bruce sterling, rudy rucker, neal stephenson, warren ellis, chuck palahniuk, cory doctorow, jeff noon

If there's no I in team, why is there meat?

the meat is a lie!