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Gender Male
Occupation Scientist and science fiction writer
Location Berea, OH, United States
Introduction I'm a scientist, science fiction writer, and a poet, living in Berea, OH. My recent book of poetry is Iron Angels, check it out at
Interests Reading, writing, science, travel, nature, rockets, photograpy, science fiction.
Favorite Movies -don't know about "favorite, " but I recently watched "Primer" and was quite impressed-- a movie for people who think.
Favorite Music I listen to a lot of jazz these days, but my heart really still is trapped in nostalgia to the art-rock of my youth, bands such as King Crimson and Yes. When I'm feeling maudlin, I still repeat to myself "nous sommes du soleil."
Favorite Books Way too many to name!

Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?

My cats are able to levitate, and study quantum physics in their spare time. One of them discovered an elegant proof of Fermat's last theorem, but didn't publish it because she doesn't know how to write.