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Location Pennsylvania, United States
Introduction Hi! My name is Aida, say it with me A-Da. I like making clothes. I like to knit. I like world of warcraft. I like weird stuff... and some normal stuff... Damn it! I hate this about me crap! What the hell am I suppose to say?! Nobody reads this stuff anyway. Nobody is reading it now... umm, right?... uh-oh
Interests sewing, knitting, crafting, world of warcraft, reading, writing, gardening, house plants, Etsy, yarn stashing, button collections, toe socks, body mods, photography, SciFi, coffee, gnomes, nesting dolls, snail mail
Favorite Movies Clue, The Addams Family, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Young Frankenstein, A Christmas Story, Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, Clerks, The Shining, Serial Mom
Favorite Music Garbage, Stone Temple Pilots, Rob Zombie, Kidneythieves, Buckcherry, Rasputina, Veruca Salt, Nirvana, The Doors

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

At the beginning.