Food, she thought.

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Industry Education
Occupation Consultant
Location Los Angeles, California, United States
Introduction Great restaurants are, of course, nothing but mouth-brothels. There is no point in going to them if one intends to keep one's belt buckled. ~Frederic Raphael
Favorite Movies Breakfast at Tiffany, The English Patient, Office Space, Blood Simple, Into the Wild
Favorite Music The Water Boys, Sublime, The Furious Seasons, The Black Watch, Smart Brown Handbag, Cornershop, Fleet Foxes, US3, Taylor Swift, Rhett MIller, Neil Young, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, and so on and so forth.

Try making up the rules to a game where you tie knots in a yo-yo string just to see if you can get them out:

1) No opposable thumb usage. 2) You may use your upper teeth and lower lip but not the converse. 3) You can pay someone to both tie and untie and it still counts as a win.