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Location Greensboro, NC
Introduction I've been in seasons of financial abundance, seasons of financial question, seasons of singleness, marriage, parenthood, seasons of physical illness, seasons of strength. One regret looking back is living in the "when" throughout a lot of my life. WHEN I feel better, WHEN I get married, WHEN morning sickness is over.... So my goal and my daily reminder is that God has me in this season for His purposes to produce what He desires in me. So I'm still soooo not there yet, but I am trying to embrace my season. Gratefully, it's a process.
Interests I always have a reason. I'm just like that. I love to research and make plans. I derive pleasure from organizing things. I love talking with students and helping them process life. I always recommend books. The best quote I know (outside the Bible) is that you are the same person you will be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read. So I want to learn all I can from people and books. I definitely see life as a process. Continual growing and pursuing all that God has for us. I'm a mom to two sweet girls and wife to an awesome husband. I'm somewhere in my mid-thirties.
Favorite Movies Taking out the bad words - the Blues Brothers. I enjoy action without blood and romantic comedies without sex and vulgarity.
Favorite Music David Crowder band, KLove
Favorite Books Bible - specifically the books of John and James; Don't Make Me Count to Three; Shepherding a Child's Heart, Financial Peace, God and Your Stuff, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, Captivating, unChristian, The Discipline of Grace