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Introduction Toby Durant (@TDOnSport)
Favourite Team: New England Patriots.
Played since 2007.
Played For: Nottingham Outlaws ('07-'10, TE & LT).
Oxford Saints ('11-present, OT, OG, DT)
Coached for: Oxford Brookes Panthers ('11-present
About Me: Have been watching football avidly since '06, writing since '11 just for the love of the game.

Phil Gaskin (@plrgaskin)
Favourite Team: St Louis Rams
Played since: 2008
Played For: Bath Killer Bees (08/09, OG), Nottingham Outlaws (09-12, C/OG), Nottingham Caesars (11-13, OG/C)
About me: Former Nottingham Outlaws President and Coach. I play, I watch and I blog. There is no greater sport.

Gur Samuel (@FredTheGur)
Favourite Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Played For: Nottingham Outlaws, OT (2 seasons, 2009/10-2010/11).
Coached since: 2012
Coached for: London Hornets, Offensive Line (2012)
LSBU Spartans, Offensive Line, Assistant Head Coach (2012/13)
East Kent Mavericks, Offensive Line (2013 - )
Canterbury Christchurch Chargers, Offensive Co-ordinator (2013/14 - )
About Me: used to play, now I coach