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Industry Arts
Occupation Artist
Location United States
Introduction Welcome to my world, it's a little tilted but you'll get your footing soon.

My Mother once told me she knew I was going to be an artist when I discovered crayons were to draw with and not to eat. I have been practicing my craft ever since.

I am a self taught painter, sculptor and mold maker. Not knowing how something is supposed to be done never stops me from learning how to do it my way. My journey with art is always an adventure, sometimes a struggle, filled with emotion and when I sit back and look at what I've created I feel whole.

Thank you for joining me on my journey and hopefully the art you bring into your home will also bring you a sense of the soul I put into it.

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

Who writes these silly questions?