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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Journalist
Location Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Introduction I was born from a female with help of a male. I live in an island in the middle of the sea. Writing is my passion. I think you should read what I have to say... because writers are very narcissistic beings. *wauwauwauwau* My thoughts are molding your brain. Read my blog and you will gain the power to orgasm for 1 hour straight while you understand the meaning of all existence and recite the alphabet backwards. (Z,Y,X,W...)
Interests Everything! Is there anything that isn't interesting?
Favorite Movies Fight Club. Donnie Darko. SLC Punk. The Life Aquatic. Chocolat. Amelie. The Matrix. Lots more.
Favorite Music Hardcore, punk, ska, skinhead reggae, post-hardcore, post-punk, emo, math-rock, post-rock, jazz, hip hop, ambient salsa, experimental, garage. Lots more.
Favorite Books 1984. Survivor. Hardcore Zen. Animal Farm. La Hojarasca. Fahrenheit 451. Fight Club. Brave New World. The Elegant Universe. The Doors of Perception. Alice in Wonderland. Lots more.

Does 2+2 always = 4?