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Industry Student
Occupation School
Location East Hampton, Connecticut, United States
Introduction I'm a person that is usually refered to as, "The new girl, Sam", or "Ziva", or "The Harry Potter chick", or "Melmer". Call me whatever you like. People generally think of me as crazy, or weird. I won't say you're wrong. You're incredibly right. I'm a huge dork, but you'll find me lovable and I know of tons of bands. :]
Interests Harry Potter. Scrapbooking. Writing. Composing. Friends. Stuff.
Favorite Movies Harry Potter 1, 2, 3, 4. Witch Mountain was actually pretty good, though I can only remember those cause I saw WM recently and HP I always remember.
Favorite Music McFly. Handshakes and High Fives. The Beatles. Panic! At The Disco. Plain White T's. Boys Like Girls. Voxtrot. Metro Station. Switchfoot. Green Day. My Chemical Romance. Evanescence. Tokio Hotel. T.A.T.U. The Veronicas. The Perishers. Yellow Card. Blink 182. Fall Out Boy. Team Hilario. Linkin Park. December's Waiting. Sex Pistols. System Of A Down. Bowling For Soup. Paramore. Modest Mouse. Backstreet Boys. Nevershoutnever. The Killers. AC/DC. Chameleon Circuit. Mae. Waking Ashland. Creed.
Favorite Books Harry Potter. Immortals. Paper Towns. Den of Shadows.

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

Yes, some fish may like a bicycle. I think it would be amusing to see a little fish peddling around with their flippers. :]