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Location Smithtown, NY 11787
Introduction Being so fond of animals all my life and the environment around me, it was only natural for me to take on the task of helping the stray and feral cats in my neighborhood when I moved into my new home in 2005. Ever since, there have been 28 to 30 cats trapped, neutered and returned (T~N~R) which has stopped the roaming, fighting and more importantly the over population in my immediate neighborhood. A true testament of how effective and wonderful T-N-R is. Even with all that had been accomplished there was a situation in the immediate neighborhood which led to the stray and feral cats now living on my property. Everyday they warm my heart and I do not regret a moment ^..^ Adriana Perciballi
Interests Animals of course ~ Love to craft, crochet, knit, upcycle and anything to help animals and the environment. Volunteer, whenever possible, for adoption events ^..^
Favorite Books Mine of course - The Big, Beautiful, Fluffy, Gray Cat; For The Love Of Ollie A true story of my late cat, Oliver and how he was rescued or did he really rescue me.