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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Indie game developer
Location NY, United States
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Introduction Macro Man Jr. is the founder and main developer of PolyKhrome. In addition to developing indie games, he is also (slowly) developing software, particularly targeting indie game developers. He enjoys writing about his various tech-related interests. He's also known to be a nut at times.
Interests Got a while? Let me sum it up this way--the Universe and nearly everything in it.
Favorite Movies Classic movies, seafaring movies (usually classics), musicals, and retro science-fiction, largely. And animation--I LOVE animation. I also like corny B-movies, esp. Japanese kaiju.
Favorite Music Nearly any genre, but I tend to favor classical music, jazz, rock, and folk music. I love rock music the most, but by a nose.
Favorite Books Mostly non-fictional (esp. science and technology); very rarely do I read fiction novels. When I do read fiction, I prefer classic science-fiction like the works of Jules Verne, science-fantasy like the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, adventure novels like Swiss Family Robinson, and historical fiction like the works of Alexandre Dumas.

If one thinks there's something wrong about the concept of perfection, then it's not a perfect concept of perfection that they're thinking of.