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Introduction Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 我是一个新西兰的中国人,出生在马来西亚的沙捞越州 I am the writer of: 1: From China to Borneo and beyond. 海外华人的中国魂: 从中国,到南洋,到更远 第二次世界大战 我爷爷的故事 2: Diary of a Bereaved Mother, Goodbye my baby 丧儿记: 丧失儿子的母亲的一本传记 Published 2011 Genre: Non fiction, self help, bereavement, infancy death NZ$35 Available in New Zealand at: Women's Bookshop, University Bookshop, Auckland, Church of Christ Bookshop, Online orders: Wheeler books, , For Overseas order: please send an email: TV and YouTube Video: