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Gender Male
Occupation student
Introduction Hi, my name is Pat. Most of you who would even think about reading this probably already know what im about to write...but oh well. I go to Lasalle college highschool and right now im doin pretty good. I run track for Lasalle and i am currently playing for the Ice Dogs in hockey. I have a girlfriend named Emily and we have been going out for a little over 3 months now. Shes awesome :D. I kinda wish i met her sooner too. But o well in that regard as well. I've gone through alot in my life, many ups and downs, but thankfully mostly ups. If you'd like to get intouch with me, my sn is standinpat...later all.
Interests I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I also enjoy many sports such as hockey and track.
Favorite Movies Harry Potter movies and the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the Star Wars collection.
Favorite Music I enjoy alot of modern soft rock but basically rock in general such as: Keane, The Killers, Snow Patrol and many others.
Favorite Books I also really enjoyed reading Harry Potter...the first 4 books any way. After the movies started coming out i decided to wait for the movies :P. I also enjoyed a book called A Wrinkle In Time. There is also another book that my neighbor wrote and was published and i believe was a best seller for a period of time... i read the book but im kind of blanking on the title right now, but haha the great part was my families name was in it :D

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

uhhh i dont...unless im tryin to act like a goofball