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Introduction What are Anne & Mike up to??? Two Portlanders explore the city and beyond.
Interests Cook-offs, Bento boxes, Tacos Al Pastor, Botanical Gardens, Candlelight, Dim Sum, Simpsons Action Figures, Tea, Le Creuset, Jellyfish & Frogs, Jackfruit, Water Buffalos, Bamboo, Souvenirs&Postcards, Hammocks, French Fries, BBQs, Fireworks, Hot Chili Peppers, Night Markets, garlic & onions, Metal Music, Jamaica, Limes, Dubstep, Greek-style yogurt, Baguettes, Hor D'oeuvres, Japanese Dollar Stores & Game Shows, Master of the Flying Guillotine, Hot Dog Appetizer, Ableton, Bonsais, Fresh-Hopped IPAs, Dancehalls, Classic VWs, Homies, Meats, Tim Lehi, Collectabls Kicks, Raymond Scott, Naked Sushi, Transparent Productions, Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa, Mt. Tabor Park, Zombie Movies, Husk-grilled corn, Pistachio anything, Ting & Tanguery, Creme Brulee, Pickled Okra, Slip-on-shoes, Beach Cruisers, French Almond Macaroons, Rookies, Resort Hotel Swimming Pools, Beats, Bass, Sub-Bass, Machaca, Gucci Low-Rider Bicycles, 2nd Rate Hustlers, Frank Zappa, Ms. Pacman, giggling at farts, Canal St. NYC, Raleigh Bicycles, Malaysia Boh Teas, rice milk lattes, Vintage Vespas, Bondi Beach, Bangra Beats, Banana Trees