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Occupation Homemaker
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
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Introduction I have long brown hair (intertwined with bits of magenta, blue or purple) and I have brown eyes.
Interests Helping my gorgeous lovely work on vehicles, (or just watch him work, that's fun) knitting, cooking, baking, making cheese, making butter, my kids, housework, crafts, learning Italian, sewing, spinning my own yarn, walk-running, nature, knitting, vacuuming, reading, etsy, did I say knitting?, researching online, knitting, ravelry, painting, NOT IRONING, exercising, cleaning out the car, taking out the trash, thinking up menus for the week, grocery shopping, knitting, buying yarn, buying SHOES, finding good sales online, shopping and browsing at bookstores, listening to music while knitting, designing knitting patterns, volunteering at my kids' schools, going to the library, journaling, writing letters, sitting outside knitting, doing my hair, thinking of things to do for people, I'll add more later...
Favorite Music I have too many music loves to list. I literally enjoy ALL music.
Favorite Books Anything by Francine Rivers, Homer Hickam, Tracy Chevalier, "See You in a Hundred Years" by Logan Ward, Margaret Atwood

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

Of course.