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Location Twin Leaf Town, Sinnoh Region
Introduction "I will always be myself. A shy, akward, musical, over-sarcastic, moody, friendly girl. But there will come a day when I will be much more than that. One day I will indeed be a famous author, published books on all bookshelfs. One day I won't hide my writing because I am shy. One day I will be a true hero to someone. And one day, I will do all I have planned, But best of all, I will still be me." - The Future Star of Liturature, Me
Interests MLP:FiM(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Warriors(Erin Hunter), Pokemon, A Channel, Fruits Basket, Mermaid Melody, Pretty Cure and PreCure, Soul Eater, Sewing, Swimming, Writing, drawing, story telling, helping others, singing, blogging, facebook, youtube, science, ELA, Ruby Redfort, BEING ME
Favorite Movies PreCure all stars DX #1 2 3 and 4, Lucky Star OVA, The Shining, most every alfred hitchcock movies, and EVERY Pokemon Movie, Rudy, Charlie Brown, The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Favorite Music Qwl City, Paramore, anything japanese, Micheal Buble (did I spell that correctly?), Frank Sinatra (spelling?), Bing Crosby (SPELLING?), and Musicals!!!!
Favorite Books Warriors, Seekers, Ruby RedFort: look into my eyes, Ruby Redfort: Take your last breath, The Secret Garden, The Grim Legacy, the summer before boys, no passengers boyond this point, Glory Be, Dork Diaries, Witch Catcher, Les Miserables, Mastering Manga (Mark Crilly), Sprinkels and Secrets, It's Raining Cupcakes, The Fault in Our Stars.