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Introduction DEAR FRIENDS. A spectre is haunting the student movement. It scares the timid leader, shakes the needless bureaucrat. It manifests itself in our marches, our occupations, our strikes; it whispers poetic heresy to friends and screams a battle cry at foes. Friends, we are that spectre; the living ghost of radicalism. We declare ourselves for an education free to all, and free from the threat of private greed. We declare ourselves for liberty, equality and fraternity. We declare ourselves lovers of humanity irrespective of creed, colour or class. With these beliefs running hot in our blood, we find ourselves facing many foes, some more fearsome than others; We declare ourselves the enemy of the scions of austerity. We declare ourselves the enemy of the brutal police. We declare ourselves the enemy of the National Union of Students. We are not socialist, we are not conservative, our aim is justice and thus every student may find common cause with us. Brothers and sisters, we love you all, come with us, for together we shall forge a new world. LONG LIVE THE RENEGADE UNION.