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Location Salt Lake City, Utah
Introduction I have a nack for just about everything. I love music, and singing loud and off tune while driving down the road. I enjoy working hard, and building things with my own two hands. "If there is a will, there is a way". I'm a fighter, and very competitive. I'm a GINGER! my personality color is RED, my favorite color is RED, and if you ever get me mad my face goes RED. I'm all about the RED. I enjoy helping those in need, and pulling people up who are down. I'm out going, and I love life! If you ever need some cheering up just find this GINGER with the freckled face/
Interests I absolutely LOVE Sports, writing, and making people smile
Favorite Movies Stick it, She's the man, and Pride and Predjudice (the 6 hour long one)
Favorite Music anything that doesn't suck
Favorite Books Touching Spirit Bear, and anything by C.S Lewis

have you made someone smile today?