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Gender Male
Location Bridgeport, CT, United States
Introduction People know me...I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
Interests Music, movies, books, sports, politics, tattoos, piercings, stretchings, horror, etc.
Favorite Movies George Romero movies, Phantasm, Hatchet, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, The Joker Is Wild, Evil Dead Trilogy, The Hustler, Drugstore Cowboy, Star Wars trilogy, The Wild One, Hellraiser, Pieces, Reservoir Dogs, Anchorman, Kevin Smith movies, Truth or Dare, The Big Lebowski, The Hills Have Eyes (original), Friday, April Fool's Day, Bad Taste, Bad Dreams, The Breakfast Club, Bucket of Blood, Better Off Dead, Waiting, Texas Chainsaw (original), Last House on the Left, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Basket Case, 28 Days Later, The Wanderers, Halloween 1&2, Freaks, Bad Dreams, Henry: Portait of a Serial Killer, Bad Taste, Rounders, Warriors, Nightbreed, Hard Candy, Salem's Lot, Friday the 13th 1-4, Salem's Lot, Basket Case, etc.
Favorite Music IG!, Unbroken, Deathkiller, Blackened, Carcass, 100 Demons, Judge, Slayer, The Doors, Sheer Terror, The Dresden Dolls, Living Hell, Anti-Nowhere League, The Misfits, XO Skeletons, The Dan Band, Agnostic Front, The Who, Sick Of It All, Integrity, Sum Of All Fears, Some Girls, Eventide, Dead Kennedys, Cannibal Corpse, Into Another, Fastbreak, Andrew W.K., Mucky Pup, Otis Redding, N.W.A., Black 47, Cro-Mags, Breakfaith, Supertouch, Forced Reality, Tenacious D, Hatebreed, CKY, Chokehold, Sham69, Madball, Two By Four, Frank Sinatra, Death Threat, Cornerstone, Motorhead, Carnivore, Murphy's Law, Type-O, Living Hell, Remy Martin, Combat84, Biggie Smalls, Quicksand, Youth Of Today, Dropkick Murphy's, Morbid Angel, One4One, Suicidal Tendencies, Cage, Dismay, Another Victim, Jasta 14, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, S.O.D., Ozzy, Deicide, Gorilla Biscuits, Black Sabbath, Johnny Cash, Iron Maiden, Terror, Neglect, 3rd Base, The Distance, Ray Charles, Django Reindhart, Motorhead, Tom Waits, Earth Crisis, Run DMC, Billy Joel, Slapshot, Bulldoze, Pale Horse, Death, Warzone, KISS, Anal Cunt, Ramallah, Tenfold, Shadows Fall, Nas, Inside Out, Cockney Rejects, Anthrax, Sage Francis, 25 Ta' Life, The Beatles, Frostbite, Killswitch Engage, Bloodlet, Neil Diamond, Downcast, M.O.D., Wu-Tang, Blood For Blood, Lamb Of God, Eric B & Rakim, Obituary, Metallica ('83-'89 R.I.P.), Entombed, Warren Zevon, Arch Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, Manowar, etc.
Favorite Books Authors: Burroughs, Bukowski, C.D. Payne, Thoreau, Kerouac, Kesey, Huxley, King, Sophocles, Barker, Wolfe, Anthony, Rowling, Koontz, Tolkien, Asimov, etc.