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Industry Human Resources
Occupation pest
Location Dublin, Ireland
Introduction ! Cant impart too much information as I would have to kill you with my bare hands
Interests Illustration, Stained Glass, Paranormal, literature, architecture, writing, antiquities, ancient history, gothic subculture, graphic novels, erotica, belief systems, warner brother cartoons from late 40s to late 50s, Fiends, Underwater bee keeping, Pistol whipping old ladies, collecting grudges :P
Favorite Movies (In no order in particular)V for Vendetta, Solaris, Dark Knight, Truly Madly Deeply, The Great Race, Neil Simons the Goodbye Girl, Young Americans, Doubt, Donnie Darko, Star Wars trilogy, Bladerunner, Wizzards, Aliens, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Sleuth, Amelie, wuthering heights (92 version), High fidelity, Kevin Smith films, (with the exception Jersey Girl) Tim Burton films (with the exception of 'planet & Charlie) David fincher films, The terrorist, Asia Extreme movies, Merchant Ivory movies, True Romance, Shadowlands, Crimson Rivers, The Crow, Ridley & Tony Scott films, Serenity, Harry Potter
Favorite Music Dead can Dance, Danny Elfman, David Bowie, Portishead, Heather Nova, Lords of Acid, Vangelis, Curve, Cranes, Pink Floyd, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Depeche Mode, Danzig, Tom Waits, Mark Isham, Opera, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Goldfrapp (early), Dimmu Borgir, All About Eve, The The, Leonard Cohen, This Mortal Coil, Nick Cave, Nick Drake, Pantera, Mettalica, My Ruin, Sisters of mercy, prodigy, Perfect Circle, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, Movie Scores
Favorite Books ARTISTS- Giger, Chris Coop, Arthur Rackham, Luis Royo, Seiperi, Klimt, Chuck Jones, Aubrey Beardsley, Goya, Mucha, Rossetti, Waterhouse, Kent Williams, Manara, Jim Fitzpatrick, Books -The Historian, Politically correct fairytails, Not so much titles -more so authorsand genres -Umberto Eco, Oscar Wilde, Bill hicks, Neil Gaiman, Nick Bantock, Brian Froud & Terry Jones, Stephen Fry, Angela Carter, Sheridan le Fanu, PG Wodehouse, Lafcadio Herne, Charles Maturin, Derek Longden, Donna Tartt, David Yallop, GA Wells, Sansom, JK Rowling

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