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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation Student
Location Ithaca, New York, United States
Introduction This is a story of my experiences and my wondering. This is the mirror through which you see me. This is the shadow of the world altered by my understanding. You might find no other suitable way to waste your precious time. अनुभूति और आश्चर्य की ये कथा, मेरा दर्पण है। ये मेरी नज़रो का बनाया प्रतिविम्ब है, जिसे मैने अपने विवेकानुसार विकृत कर, यहां प्रस्तुत किया है। इन पंक्तियों को दिल लगा के पढ़िये, समय व्यर्थ करने का इस से सरल उपाय अभी तक आविष्कृत नही हुआ है!
Interests Physics, sketching, Finance, writing, meanings of names ..
Favorite Movies The butterfly effect
Favorite Music what ever Abhijeet sings in
Favorite Books Prizes - Eric Segal, Prey - Michael Crichton

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

I would swim for ever. But I would drown, I don't know swimming.