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Introduction Tying our shoes might be a person's first introduction to knots, and most folks probably never need or want to go beyond that. For those that do, there are many knots that can be useful, decorative, and often do both at the same time. I learned some knot work during a couple of years in the Boy Scouts, and regained a renewed interest around 2004. Making knotted lanyards, fobs, grips, and wraps with various knots, braids, weaves, and sinnets goes well with my other interests in kÕ¸ives, flashlights, tools, assorted gadgets, gear, and gizmos. Most of the knot work that I've blogged about are not difficult to learn from the books, online resources, and links posted throughout this blog. There's certainly much more advanced knot work that can be learned, and how far you go with it is up to you. On my main blog page(Stormdrane's Blog), check the 'Older Posts' link at the bottom of the last post on the page to see more of my posts, or look through the 'Blog Archive' in the sidebar. Knot responsibly. :)
Interests gadgets, gear, gizmos, flashlights, knives, guns, firearms, fireworks, camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, boating, sailing, geocaching, bushcraft, woodcraft, hobbies, crafts, knots, knotting, tying, rope, cord, string, music, rock, alternative, jazz, soul, electronic, ambient, guitar, cards, poker, beer, wine, liquor, cigars, books, reading, fantasy, science fiction, syfy, sci fi, horror, comedy, trains, cars, motorcycles, kites, computers, cameras, photography, pens, pencils, paper, notes, scissors, hemostats, needles, diabetic, diabetes, stamps, coins, skulls, paracord, 550 cord, parachute cord, mini blind string, trot line, hardware, make, create, DIY, howto, tutorial, instruction, learn, teach, share, edc, everyday carry