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Location All Over, CA, United States
Introduction I am a girlie girl who finds committing the seven deadly sins very amusing, hence why my blog is called what it is. Although, gluttony and pride are ones I am way too familiar with. I am also known to be very vain, only to mask my low self esteem. :) I think confidence is sexy and I am proud to strut my shit. If i receive negative energy, it only pushes my ego up even more. Just try and put me down, I guarantee you it would only make you look pathetic and stupid. I loathe drama and all its children. As a cancer, I am caring and loyal. I am not one to wear my feelings on my sleeve. Rather, people have a hard time trying to read me, even the bf claims this. **What I choose to expose on this blog is primarily to alleviate pent up stress or is a product of utter boredom or even to alleviate my makeup spasms. Keep in mind, your feelings aren't my responsibility. I appreciate feedback. But if you feel the need to address me personally, please do so in a message,not as a comment** I also have an alter ego named Bonnie: she's a party-seeking, bad mouthing, bitch. so watch out for her in my entries lol cheers xoxo
Interests A lot of Makeup (mostly high end), skincare, Alex Giang, Justene Jaro, Japanese style makeup and fashion (hime gyaru) the zodiac, food, glamour, etc
Favorite Movies The one where I kick YOUR ass. lol
Favorite Music bay area music, oldies, classical, hip hop, alternative, international..etc
Favorite Books lots and lots :)