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Industry Military
Occupation Minister of Defence
Location No fixed abode., Usually found within hailing distance of Cog.
Introduction You may ask yourself ‘What kind of museum requires a Minister of Defence?’ To which I reply – ‘Baghdad Museum, for one’. The title of Minister of Defence (MoD) is largely honorary, but it carries with it sweeping powers. My duties at the MoD are many and varied. And if this weren’t enough I have to check that everyone has done their work correctly – I am constantly dotting t’s and crossing eyes. It is a thankless task but an important one. My overriding concern, of course, is the security and defence of the museum. As you may know, the best form of defence is a tack. Combined with a ruler, or an elastic band a tack can be quite devastating. It is my belief that other museums have stockpiles of tacks and are developing, or may have developed such delivery systems. I try to convince Cog of the seriousness of our situation but she is away with pixies most of the time.
Interests Entomotaxy, archaeology, hagiography, neurology, biology, cartography, geography, geomancy, necromancy, dust, scrimshaw
Favorite Movies Eight Legged Freaks, Tarantula!, Arachniphobia
Favorite Books Manuscript Found in Sargossa