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Gender MALE
Industry Business Services
Occupation Varies
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Introduction Ok 1200 hundreds words to describe my self. Lets see if I can eat those up shall we? Well first off I'm a pretty decent person not a good person not a bad person, just me and depending on my mood will call my actions. I practice Zen Taoism so I'm pretty calm most of the time, pretty friendly. Unless of course its the morning then all bets are off. Right now I find my self in a confusing point in my life as I'm taking time to explore my world and try and figure out who I am and what I like about my self and what I don't. I spend a lot of my spare time either practicing yoga, kata's or swordsmanship, or indulging in my vice of the week. Sometimes I can be a little to hard on my self and some times blame my self for things that happen to people, or think to much (that happens believe or not). Just finished remixing a cd which I gave the copy rights to a hatian relief fund so they could sell it to raise money for haiti over the christmas holidays. A lot of times I have dificulty talking about my self, it can be a really rough deal for my friends but they've learned when to push and when not to. And I have the worlds best girlfriend Kristen.
Interests Poetry, Halo2, Videogames of all sorts, Zen Taoism, Martial Arts, Writting, Reading, Dancing, Trying crazy new things, Philosphy, Music. Got a couple hobbies as well but if you get to know me you'll know what they are.
Favorite Movies Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Serpent and the rainbow, Incredibles, Aliens 2, Spider man 2, Evil dead 1&2 army of darkness and the book of the necronomicron, the vampire porn
Favorite Music SLIPKNOT, Dr. John, System of a down, Monks meditating, funk, soul, industrial, techno, remix stuff(some my own some others), r&b, wind earth and fire, club stuff, oldies, top 40's (every now and again some thing good come), gothic music, southern gothic (kinda creepy), african, japanesse, clasiscal, ok anything but polka and I tend to lean away from country theres only so many times I can here about a six pack and his dog leaving him before I just wanna mercy kill the fucker!
Favorite Books How to surive the worst case scenarios of life, cause every one should know how to jump five stories properly, land a plane, and jury rig a parachute, and give a traceotemy.

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

Call it 9/11 new york new york the musical. The lynch mobs will keep it real for me.