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Introduction Imagine a picture of an object. A flat, two dimensional picture of an object. Cut around this object and tilt it upwards so it stands as if gravity holds it's weight. The object become almost real. It becomes even more real if the object is of similar size to the actual object in 'real life'. Now, if we place other objects around, in front, also behind and in parallel to this first object, we begin to trick our minds into something which isn't actually there. We have created a stage. A stage filled with objects. A stage of objects which appear as though they could be touched and picked up. However, they are nothing but two-dimensional images of objects. The magic being we know they are not 'real', but we want to believe they are. Now take your objects, and turn them into drawings. In pencil if you'd like. They are of actual size, so if a human was to interact with these objects it would look as though our stage of drawn objects has become alive. Why, It would bare a resemblance to a picture we see in books, however a human is dancing, talking, walking, shouting between these objects, it is like, a living picture. A Tableau Vivant.