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Industry Arts
Occupation Forcing an involuntary, mischevious smile to spread across your face caused by a welcomed food coma
Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Interests potlucks, TURBOCHEF, foo dogs, SOPAIPILLAS W/ HONEY BUTTER, kraftwerk, BAYON, rosemary, PAPYRUS, supper clubs, WAFFLE SANDWICHES, Quetzalquatal, GOOD SEED, lemons&limes, VIEW MASTERS, Oswald West, AGAVE, Oregonzola, WHALE SHARKS, chickpea fries w/ pumpkin ketchup, ROADTRIPS, Zoo concerts, SYNESSO, melodicas, THE SMELL OF PIPE TOBACCO, the Metolius, BOUDICA, vinyl, FRIED SAGE LEAVES IN BROWN BUTTER, honey lavender ice cream sandwiches, BIKES, nam kao, FOOD DAY, tea lights, CAST IRON, baked goat cheese, CLAWFOOT TUBS, headstands, FOREST PARK, 2001 Beaux Freres served by the glass, FRESH MINT, the Hideout, HOSPITALITY, mozzie bats, COCONUT DREAM BARS, organic cotton, SNAKE GRASS, Mom's peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies, MACAROONS, Le Creuset, BBQ, jasmine, BARONG MASKS, canon cameras, CACAO, musso fiume, CUSTARDS, biodiesel, SUCCULENTS, vegan pho, MAJADRA, fried egg sammies, PRE-RINSES, magazine subscriptions, FARM PARTIES, chanterelles, MASON JARS, arnold palmers, CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST, 10 frames, FRESH UDON, cornmeal deep-dish, MORELS, biscuits, TOFU BENTO, tempranillos, WHISKEY, whiskey milkshakes, BOURBON & GINGER, shortbread, CAMPSHERMANOREGON, chatty- caffeine-induced-mornings-followed-by-cozy-secluded-nights, REAL HAWAIIAN SHAVED ICE, yurts, FLIPPING OUT, fideos, DEVILED EGGS (OfAllVarieties), windmills
Favorite Books Food Lover's Companion

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