About me

Industry Arts
Occupation Writer
Location British Columbia, Canada
Introduction I was born in England, grew up in Australia, moved to Canada in 2004 and married the love of my life the same year. I’m a writer and shaman, a bicyclist and a feminist. I’ve been an architect, a seamstress, an athlete and a field hand. Writing is my passion and my profession, novels specifically, short stories occasionally, and always with lesbian characters. I write under the pseudonym 'Widdershins' because I am, if nothing else, contrariwise.
Favorite Movies Avatar, The Sound of Music, Tipping The Velvet, The Dark Crystal, Sunshine, and many many more
Favorite Music Almost anything by Peter Gabriel, absolutely anything by kd lang and Cher and Etta James
Favorite Books The 'Empire' trilogy by Janny Wurts and Raymond Fiest, all the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Honor Harrington Series by David Webber, and gazillions more