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Location St. George, Utah, United States
Introduction I am Stefani, a mother of 2 precious girls, Velani and Mia, and a BOY who is growing way too fast. They are all beautiful and very smart. Velani is now 5, Mia is almost 3 and Adan is still a baby. Velani is a nice, smart, and lovable girl with some attitude. Mia is sweet, funny and VERY feisty. Adan is our papis. He is smiles all around and is just a sweet and happy baby. Jahvel is my husband and is indeed a good father and knows what he wants in life (well, most of the time). He loves us and strives to give us always the best. He will become a PA very soon!!! I am a stay-at-home mom and my goal is to raise and teach my kids to live according to the teachings of our Father in Heaven, be a good wife and just enjoy life to the fullest. We love to have fun, but sometimes things can get out of hand and that's when the DRAMA begins. 3 girls and 2 boys....we've got plenty of stories to tell!
Interests Stefani: Reading, shopping, playing with my girls, sports, watching movies, going to church, talking on the phone Velani: singing, playing, watching cartoons, singing, taking baths, singing, being with family Mia: Eating, sleeping, cooing, and more eating and sleeping
Favorite Movies Stefani: Pirates of the Carribean, The Count of Monte Cristo, Nacho Libre, Rush Hour, Ocean's 11, many many more Velani: Barney movies, what else? Mia: Whatever, I don't watch them anyways!
Favorite Music Stefani: Pretty much anything that sounds good to me Velani: Children's music of course (Twinkle, Twinkle little star, Itsy bitsy spider, You are my sunshine, I love you, I am a child of God)& many many many more Mia: I like whatever they sing to me, mostly children music though
Favorite Books Stefani: The Twilight Saga, The Book of Mormon, and I will accept reccomendations Velani: Barney books, Pickle and the Box, The Rainbow Fish, The way I feel and many more Mia: Whatever they read to Velani

What's the earliest you've gotten up to watch cartoons and what did you see?

Stefani: 6 am Maya and Miguel Velani: 6 am Maya and Miguel ( I woke mommy up) Mia: 8 am Curious George (I sleep in)