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Occupation Coach and Judge
Location Australia
Introduction I have finished university, which is wonderful. I coach and judge gymnastics, and next month is going to be really busy for judging. I've completed a Bachelor of Computer Games & Interactive Entertainment, and after getting some money for it, will do a post-graduate course in animation at QANTUM (or a BA of Animation at QUT). I have finally gotten my my drivers license but I don't have a car to drive anyway. I like comedies, actions, thrillers, sometimes horror, sci-fi and fantasy are my favourite genres though. QI is excellent. Hurrah for Britain. I've got a little brother, several cousins, some of them can be annoying. I'm the oldest child in my entire family, which is both good and bad.
Interests Reading, playing RPG especially Oblivion, CS, Stargate (both Atlantis & SG-1), going on the internet, DOD
Favorite Movies LOTR, X-Men, The Pirates of the Carribean, Keeping Mum, others I can't think of
Favorite Music Cold Play, Evanesense, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Swing
Favorite Books Harry Potter, LOTR, Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, others as well