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Gender Female
Industry Business Services
Location Boston, MA, United States
Introduction I am a good daydreamer a strong trait of a Geminian.
Interests Like to retain a trendy wardrobe, adore gardening, and worship reading, fond of cleaning, I do browse a lot, care a lot for painting, handicrafts, anything which is cultural and ethnic (not particularly racial). Devoted to dancing, oh my how much I miss my classes and lately recognized the passion towards teaching. Cooking, but I need to be prepared both physically and mentally – I mean it takes time. Two central things which I wouldn’t miss mentioning here one traveling like to be on the move always, two what else talk talk and talk… he he he
Favorite Movies “The Forgotten” (I don’t remember dates but for this I do, 25th Feb 2005), National Treasure, I like most of the bond movies and Sherlock Holmes too. Athadu (Starring Mahesh Babu), Mauna Ragam (Starring Mohan and Revathi), Vaalve Maayam (Kamal Hassan and SreeDevi), Suhashini’s Indra (Starring Anu and Arvind Swami), and ofcourse who can resist Mani Rathinam’s, Roja, and Rajiv Menon’s Kandukondein kandukondein, Harry Potter, Richie Rich, Home Alone......
Favorite Music Hari Bhajans, songs devoted on God, I just love listening to Quit playing games with my heart (Back Street Boys), Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka (some late 80’s song), Narumugaye Narumugaye (Iruvar), Katre nee(Rythm), Malaithuli Malaithuli etc
Favorite Books Mahabharatha (Mrs.Kamala), Death Comes as an End (Agatha Christie), God Father (Mario Puzo), An Ace up my Sleeve (James Hardly Chase), Master of the Game(Sidney Sheldon), Painted House(John Grisham), Osterman Weekend (Robert Ludlum), P.G. Wodehouse......

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

Simple, pour some water into the ear in which water is struck, close the ear with your thumb and hold for a coupla seconds and then tilt the head other way for all the water to run out of your ear. he he he