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Occupation AAS, Horticulture Technologies (CVCC), also, continuing education in snarkology (full time student, never ending). And, resident burger flipper as well as finger-flipper at the local burgerworld.
Location Where the ZIP code is E I E I O, North Carolina, Y'all, United States
Introduction You know that itch in the middle of your back that you can't get to no matter how hard you try? That pain in your right foot while you're trying to drive? That sneeze that just won't come out or go away....Yup, that's me.....
Interests music, Raccoons, being annoying, boiled peanuts, sleeping, singing (badly), Growing stuff, being outside at da creek,'t.belong., Making you laugh so that milk comes out of your nose, Mispeling wrds, Mooing at cows, acting INSANE, not sitting still, weebin and bobbin', shirking duties, hell shirking EVERYTHING, I just like to shirk, WTF is shirking anyhow?, digressing, regressing, repressing, posessing, obsessing, typing long lists of rhyming words, blogging, loving on my Dent, scratching, sniping, griping, whining, plant nerd-ing, takin' 'pichers' with a camera, typin' like a hick, being a "dixie pixie", laughing at myself, laughing at *you*, eating ramen-in-a-cup, drinking caffenated soda, avoiding the evil that is "diet" soda.
Favorite Movies Since my attention span is smaller than the period at the end of this section... I'm sorry.... what was the question??
Favorite Music 80's, 70's, 60's, 50's... alternative, rock, oldies, modern...., as long as it isn't rap. Rap is the armpit of the music world.
Favorite Books LOTR, stuff put out by the "Useless Information Society", books about herbs, books about fairies, books about books (wait...what??), books about nature, books about rocks, but not romance novels...cause I'm sorry your plumber does NOT look like Fabio....

If a tree in the forest fell on Jacob and Edward, would any girl over the age of 12 REALLY give a rat's ass?