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Occupation hopeful healer
Location Canada
Interests I like Jesus, books, cooking, food justice, localivorousness, penguins, mercy AND justice, my brothers and sisters in the Church (most of the time)
Favorite Movies LOTR, The Corporation, Super Size Me, The Princess Bride, Dead Man Walking, Spellbound, Searching for Bobby Fischer...
Favorite Music U2: the kings of rock 'n roll reflecting the King of kings, indigenous/world music, jazz, almost anything by Gina Lin or Larry the Cucumber
Favorite Books I'm gonna have to think about this one..., someone once told me that to break my heart, all they'd have to do is burn my library..., I think that would be true...., I am currently reading On Walden Pond, The White Man's Burden, Jesus among other gods, and selections from Charles Spurgeon's sermons....