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Gender MALE
Location Bristol, Somerset, United Kingdom
Introduction The Cloud Conferences will be the first Baha'i studies online conferences ever held. At a time of global access to knowledge, Baha'i scholarship is being pursued in a wide variety of fields across the world. This vital service however is often limited by the logistical constraints of travelling to key conferences across the world, with the environmental impacts that entails. Financial constraints can likewise impede the free, consultative flow of ideas for those who could otherwise greatly contribute to and benefit from such events. The Cloud Conferences Baha'i Studies series seeks to overcome such access barriers, broaden exposure to, audience for, and participation in Baha'i studies, use the power of new media to dramatically expand the culture of Baha'i scholarship and systematically seek to build the capacity of Baha'i studies to contribute to the discourses of society.
Interests Travelling, reading, writing, mysticism, dancing, professional storytelling, occasional song-writing.
Favorite Movies Lucía y el sexo, American Beauty, Amelie, Life is Beautiful, Memento, Usual Suspects, Babette's Feast, Pink Panther, Life of Brian, Matrix 1, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Favorite Music In depth:, flamenco, jazz, cuban, nueva trova, Intensely:, classical (all Bach/Most Choral/melancholy Mozart/most Beethoven/epic opera(eg. Carmina Burana, Mefistofeles)/Ravel/Holst/la Traviata/long etc., celtic folk (eg. lunasa, shooglenifty, kathryn tickell), soukous, latin-american folklore(eg. Mexican huapango, Venezuelan joropo), west/east african, other "world music", pop/rock (from Nick Drake to Jimy Hendrix and Joni Mitchell to Oasis), spanish pop-rock (from Jarabe de Palo to Último de la Fila)
Favorite Books Shaped me:, "The Dawnbreakers", the I Ching, all of Pablo Neruda, St John of the Cross' "Ascent", Townshend's "Mission of Bahá'u'lláh", Nabil's "Bahá! Bahá!", Favourites:, Moby Dick, Joyce's Ulisses, Scarlet Letter, Cien Años de Soledad, Borges' essays, Jami's Yusuf and Zuleika, Rumi, García Marquez' Ojos de Perro Azul and Amor en Tiempos de Cólera, DH Lawrence on Franklin, Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment, War and Peace, Don Quijote, Najib Mahfuz' Cairo Trilogy, Nietzche's Madman, Sartre's Les Mains Sales, Yourcenar's Ana Soror and Labyrinths, Jack London's Martin Eden, Cortazar's Rayuela, Milton's Paradise Lost, the Metaphysical Poets, And many more., GOOD/FUN:, Hogg's "Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner" (published a paper on it in the Scottish Studies Review vol.7/1), Terry Pratchet, Hitchhiker's Guide, Time Traveller's Wife, Tolkien, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Bendix' Powers, V for Vendetta, Marc Twain, Arthur Miller, Arsene Lupin, Phantomas, Poe, Asterix, Harry Potter (sheer peer pressure, don't actually think it's that great), Northern Lights Trilogy, etc., etc.