Denise Michaels - Adventurous Foodie

About me

Industry Consulting
Occupation Marketing Mentor to Small Business Owners
Location Las Vegas, NV, United States
Introduction I'm a passionate person who lives a life a lot of people would dream of. Not because I've won the lottery or anything. But because I'm living a life I love and I have people in my life who are supportive and great fun.
Interests The world around us - international travel, cooking something new, Starbucks, walking, hanging out with friends, being with my husband, Ernie.
Favorite Movies Oh, boy, that's a tough one: I tend to like romantic comedies best of all.
Favorite Books "Testosterone-free Marketing" is my book. Yes, it sounds biased - but it's a great book. I also enjoy cookbooks, books on marketing, feng shui and personal growth.