The Circus of Life as a Mom and Wife (With a side of Autism)

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Occupation Mom, Wife, Student, Teacher
Location Middle of No Where, Louisiana, United States
Introduction I am not sure how to introduce myself! I am a Mom of 3 boys, a wife for 11+ years, a Sophomore at a local college, and an Interventionist/Paraprofessional at an elementary school nearby! I have been through heck and back to get where I am, and if you follow my blog, you will learn all about my crazy life as a mom and wife.
Interests Truth of the matter is, I do not have time for interest! I have time for games with my kids, meltdowns, homework, meltdowns, my husband, meltdowns, my dogs, meltdowns, work, meltdowns, meltdowns at work, meltdowns, Aspergers, meltdowns, ASD, meltdowns, RA, meltdowns, Doctors, meltdowns, housework, meltdowns... oh and did I say... MELTDOWNS????
Favorite Movies NO time for movies, unless it is lectures from a professor!
Favorite Music We like music when my Aspie son can take music. Sometimes we just cannot handle the sound of music.
Favorite Books Books? What books? My kids have time to read books? I have time to organize the books, but not read them....

Why didn't the chicken cross the road???? Because he is chicken... duh...