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Occupation The Storyteller
Location Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Introduction Chicken Skin. It’s a local term in Hawaii. It’s that feeling of a sudden chill going down the back of your spine. It’s watching the small hairs rise up on your forearms or that prickly feeling on the back of your neck. The more commonly used expression might be “chills” or “goosebumps.” Often, this sensation comes as a result of watching a scary movie or from hearing a ghost story told by a friend or an older relative. Chicken Skin, while often reserved for the spooky or the macabre as we have come to know it, is also a sensation that comes from knowing true love or wonderful moments of enlightened realization. The best “Chicken Skin” however, is the one that suddenly strikes you unawares. Parapsychologists refer to it as an internal radar when something cognitive in the environment is trying to communicate. Hawaii is an ancient place. So many people have lived - and died - here. With such a rich, cultural history, chances are that, in our small community, at least one person in nearly every household has had some kind of supernatural "chicken skin" occurrence. Welcome to Ghosts Next Door.