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Introduction I am a newly married "wanna-be" chef and am ObSeSSeD with food!! Some people eat to live, while I on the other hand live to eat. I am ALWAYS hungry and constantly thinking about food. The blog is named after my favorite saying I use whenever I eat something yummy. Just thinking about eating something delicious makes me ^_^ I originally started this blog so I could have a place to organize all the recipes I've wanted to try over the years and now that I'm hitched, I finally have a victim...oops...I mean loved one to experiment on. He has also gotten involved and takes most of the pictures on the blog. He is channeling his inner japanese-ness and has found a new love for photography. Good team effort, I cook and he takes the pics. For anonymity purposes I'll always refer to him as the "lobster." I hope you enjoy following me through my cooking adventures and being a first time blogger. Hopefully I'll grow as a person in my cooking skills, how to be a good wifey, and God and lobster forbid, not in my waistline. I'm hoping every day will entail a new yummy recipe, but I'll always letcha know if I make something that even I'm proud to say NuM NuM :)