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Introduction My father (Ron) and I (Alexander) are doing research in the topic navies and trading companies in the period 1500-present. My mother Karin helped my father early 1980's with research and nowadays she is almost daily photographing the ships passing on the river Schelde. My father started his research more as 40 years ago. First he was interested in the Dutch navy and the navies in the Second World War , later in the period 19th century-present and about 20 years he started his research in the topic navies 1500-1860, in fact the era of the sailing warships including the galleys and the trading companies like the Dutch E.I.C. and the W.I.C. My self, I’m interested in the topic navies 1860-present especially Russian built warships and Dutch warships and further more sailing ships over the whole period. Together we are busy with photographing, drawing and doing research in archives, literature and on the web trying to collect every kind of information and sharing that with others without commercial thoughts just because we are ship lovers and fond of naval history.