About me

Industry Accounting
Occupation Internal Auditor
Location San Diego, CA, United States
Introduction -2) Overly participate in Bike Culture by wearing commuter themed T-shirts. -1) No water bottle trees on my bikes 0)My Dachshund of Time is longer then most. 1) I have a back-up to by back-up commuter bike that is a Mtn bike with slicks. 2) I race other cyclists during my commute (I usually beat the homeless drunks; always the fixies - A Cat 6 racer since 2001. 3) I have a couple of Primal jerseys. 4) I usually ride to the front of the line of cyclists at red lights, although there is rarely a line and if there is, it’s only one person. 5) Most of my bikes have stickers. 6) My commuter bikes have commuter tumors (mirrors, lights, reflector stickers). 7) I yell at Bike-Lane salmon (mounted and on-foot). 8) I use too many Hyphens. 9) Have never scored a 100% on the Friday Fun Quiz. 10) I have white handlebar tape on the World's 2nd Greatest Madone (only one mirror). 11) I have Classic Fred tendencies. 12) Two Crabon bikes. 13) Won't enter the Meh Scattie contest since I last had a bike stolen in 1985. Redeeming traits: a) I HATE Bike Lane salmon. b) Only have 1/2 of a pro kit (Jersey, no shorts - US Postal / Berry Floors). c) Ride almost every day.
Interests One of the 11 people who ride a bike to work in San Diego. 11 Years and counting. Owner of the world's 2nd greatest Madone (only one mirror). Kneeboard surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, urban ax throwing.
Favorite Books BSNYC