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Gender Female
Location Italy
Introduction My son above all, then the world, with its conflicts, its weirdness, its profound beauty. Sometimes you feel like slapping existence around the face, then you discover you'd be curious to see what happens next and often you end up thanking God and the Elements for the light gliding on the leaves in late afternoon.
Interests Reading, writing, music, art, walking, thinking, daydreaming, creating
Favorite Movies Forrest Gump, Chocolate, The Illusionist, Train De Vie, The Dirty Dozen, La Sottile Linea Rossa, Non Ci Resta Che Piangere, Tre Uomini In Fuga, All Don Camillo, Trinità, Toy Story, Mary Poppins
Favorite Music Many different genres, from classic to pop, rock, psychedelia, jazz, ecc.
Favorite Books There are books, that have left a mark, others I love because they are a relaxing pass time. Just a few of those that have left a mark: La Divina Commedia, Il Deserto Dei Tartari, Il Barone Rampante, Le Grand Meaulnes, Le Petit Prince, The Black Cloud, Solaris, Pride and Prejudice, (not so much the content, but beautiful English it is written in). Some of my favourite entertainment books: The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, All of Jane Austen's production, Harry Potter (Saga), All Creatures Great And Small (Saga), Chronicles Of Barsetshire (Saga), Brother Cadfael (Saga), The Black Hen And The Thirteen Magic Rings, and many others it would be impossible to list. Great importance in my formation has had poetry too. It was from reading great poems back in primary school that I developed a profound love towards literature.