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Occupation Artist
Location Bay Area, CA
Introduction A visual effects artist with a history or working in films in art Department and props and graphic design. I'm more known now as a doll maker/artist with an obsession with old films Especially ones that have a creepy decor as one of the characters. Thanks for reading and please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. ~Kerry Kate
Interests Haunted collections, Ghostly corners, Elegant organic lines, Morbid items, Cabinet of Curiosities, New Orleans rooms, Harpsichords, Séance parlours, 1920's dining, Absinthe bars, Satanic aesthetics, Black cloaks and canes, Old books, Strange botany, Cannibalism dinners, Old time circus, Culinary Mystery, Dark Shadows, English gentleman, Vampire wine, Dark films of the past, Haunted mansion, Folklore, Gothic literature, Grand Guignol, Feared interior design, Paranormal high tea, misused medical supplies, Horror Doors, Natural science displays, Obscure history Library, Apparition Refinement, Coven Altars, Dark Victorian vintage, Tragic woods, Film Noir, Witches Familiars, Tormented Dolls