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Introduction Vlado and Toni are two different people, who got to know each other, became friends and now been married for 7 years. Vlado comes from Bulgaria and Toni on the other hand is from the Philippines. They live in Germany, in a nice,small town near Frankfurt. Vlado works and Toni shops :) Seriously, Toni works as a kindergarden teacher. Finally her being child like has proven to help her climb the career ladder of success.
Interests Vlado and Toni are two different people who have diffrent interests. The one thing they do like both is travelling and eating out (so there won't be any fight who gets to wash the dishes-although they live in a dishwasher world, they still don't have any.If they can agree on it, they also like to watch movies, dvds at home or in the cinema.
Favorite Movies Vlado likes The Simpsons most of all, and re-runs of Tooltime and Married with Children. Toni on the other hand likes so many movies that she can't remember any at the moment!
Favorite Music Vlado and Toni listen most of the time to jazz, bossa nova, alternative, R&B and pop music. Sometimes, they listen to classical music as well or they just turn on the radio and listen to whatever they play there.
Favorite Books So many books, so little time.. Toni's favorite book at the moment is in german, it's called "Hectors Reise oder die Suche nach dem Glueck" It's about a psychologist who travelled around the world to search for the secret of happiness. Do read it, once it gets published in english. It is by the way from a french author. Vlado will update you with his favorite book next time.