Kit moss

About me

Industry Publishing
Occupation Historical novelist
Location Ducktown, WA, United States
Introduction Kit moss runs a Celtic music station on line at and wants to help promote GLBTQ folk music and musicians.
Interests Um.. gee.. I don't know. Historical fiction? Medieval anything. Anglo Saxon England everything. Writing, reading, my cats, some crafts.
Favorite Movies Pretty much anything that takes place in the early Middle Ages... probably about three or four movies.
Favorite Music Celtic, British folk, 60s rock and Renaissance
Favorite Books My own! Plus historical novels by Dorothy Dunnett, Bernard Cornwell, Sharon Kay Penman, and Morgan Llywelyn.

Compose the lyrics to a new national anthem that features an animal sound at least once:

All hail to thee, O Ducktown, Where ducks meow and cats do quack Wish um riggum durum da, wack fol de daddyo, wack fol de daddyo, There's whiskey in the jar...