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Gender MALE
Industry Publishing
Occupation Writer
Location Virginia, United States
Introduction I now have two blogs. One about anything I feel like writing about ( and the other about my new book( I invite you to visit both. Why a blog dedicated to a book? I believe in Brothers of the Fire Star. It pretty much covers what I want to say about things; about brotherhood and courage and how bad war is for living and breathing people. It says what I want to say about how stupid it is that race and culture can keep those living and breathing people from liking each other and how necessary courage and tolerance are to our survival. In this book, my heros are two boys who have that special courage that allows them to survive against great odss. It allows them to embrace a powerful brotherhood despite the vast differences in their backgrounds. It is that courage, raw and simple, that brings them to their necessary end game. I developed this blog to describe what informed the writing of this book because I thought it might lend it some credence to my goals. In any event, I hope you enjoy the voyage you will take with Joseph and Napu as they meet their fates.
Interests traveling, writing, reading, sailing, walking. guitar/harmonica
Favorite Music jazz, bluegrass guitar, music of Africa and the Far East and bluegrass, too.
Favorite Books The Bear (Faulkner), The God Delusion, Hamlet, In Our Time (Hemingway), Herzog

How can humanity survive its own irrational beliefs?