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Location South Florida, United States
Introduction I didn't start out as a poet. I wanted to be a novelist. I also wanted to sail the Intracoastal Waterway through the Chesapeake Bay to the Vineyard one more time. On September 23, 1990, I woke up with a severe case of what was later to be diagnosed as ME/CFS (known by the demeaning name of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).Finally, this year, 2011, the name was officially changed to M.E. Internationally. Hooray! As a former Clinical Psychologist, losing my old life was no fun! See the About Me page on my website to learn more about life before and during M.E.. Recently, exciting developments suggesting a retrovirus is involved in the etiology have been hitting the news.While the research wasn't replicated more than once, it meant that more researchers are delving into the problem.
You'll find my poems in Chiron Review, The Dead Mule, Main Street Rag, PoetsArtist,Orange and Sardines, The Cliffs: Soundings, Wild Goose Review, In The Fray, Empowerment4Women, Remark Journal, Haiga Online, Moonset, Simply Haiku, to name a few.
Interests Writing poetry, fiction, reading, friends..used to sail, bike and play piano..can no longer do that.
Favorite Movies The Hours, Closer, My First Mister, Kinky Boots, Love Actually, Philadelphia, Scent of a Woman, Song Catcher, Annie Hall, House On Sand, You've Got Mail, A Good Woman, Pride and Prejudice, A Love Song For Bobby Long, The English Patient, Beyond Borders and yes...Titanic
Favorite Music I like all types of music, from classical, rock, blues, oldies, new age, slack guitar, sea songs, english ballads to anything but punk or heavy metal.
Favorite Books Anything by Alice Hoffman, Sue Grafton, Tom Robbins, John MacDonald's Travis McGee, Patricia Cornwall, Elmore Leonard, Sherman Alexie, Li Young-Lee, John Hiasson.

You've broken up with your old band and are about to release your first solo album. Please write the liner notes:

She can't sing worth a damn, but her lyrics make this album worth busying. Send cash.