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Occupation Respiratory Therapist
Location dallas, tx., United States
Introduction How does one describe themselves? Apparently I am not very good at doing so, as anything I write in this context, sounds ridiculous, and I delete it...I am a multitude of things, as everyone else is..I am loving, funny, gifted, tragic, cynical, egotistical, self conscious, dynamic, emotional, dramatic, compulsive, faithful, questioning, and the adjectives go on and on...Yawn...Shall we move on?
Interests Travel, Independent film, Books, Cooking, Music, my Piano, spending time with friends, Art shows and museums, Dinner parties, Laughing, making people Laugh, sleeping, writing, poetry, animals, current events, theater, so many things that I cannot even think of them all at the present...Overall most of them do not happen outside...Not a "let's go camping type girl"...
Favorite Movies Anything by Scorcese, Allen, or Bergman Current favorites are The Reader and Revolutionary Road. I tend to like films that my Mother calls depressing, and I call thought provoking. Three of my all time favorites are "The Age of Innocence", "The Piano", and "The Hours", the last two films apparently caused some people to have to start on anti-depressants..I LOVED them, and actually bought the soundtrack CDs on the way home after seeing them...(then of course the DVDs when they came out)...
Favorite Music Classical and Classic Rock and some Opera..Actually any music that causes a slight chill... A recent dream of seeing the Boston Symphony came true..That was a huge chill inspiring experience, not to mention that I ran into and got to talk to the conducter, Mr. Andre Previn himself, a few days later..ah but that's another blog
Favorite Books Too many to choose one. Lately I enjoy reading about the lives of early 20th century literary writers..They were an eclectic group, who just happened to hang out together. Oh and I have too many cookbooks to count, really great ones, and I am always adding them..I literally have no place to store them anywhere anymore, so I creatively turned them into furniture (though not steady as chairs, I might add).I read them as others would read novels, and simply cannot put them down upon first reading...Lastly, I sometimes just enjoy a light and comedic novel like "I loved, I lost, I made spaghetti"...

How tall would you be if you had never cut your fingernails?

Tall enough to reach my kitchen counter