Catherine Hudson

About me

Occupation Mother, homeschooler
Location New Zealand
Introduction I love to write. Its my passion, it fills my love tank and is the way I work through questions that I ask God. I don't profess to provide the answers to my readers, but I hope they enjoy the journey of my characters. I am not religious, but rather I love what imparts grace and life. I'm a people person, but love my 'alone time,' too. I make no excuses for my less than perfect mechanics in writing online - blogs are not a work of literary genius and Facebook is usually tackled in the wee hours!
Interests Reading, Writing, running, eating, fishing, movies, dinner with good friends, schooling my kids, baking.
Favorite Movies Classics - Pride and Prejudice (the Collin Firth version, of course), Little Women, Sense and Sensibility.Something modern - A walk to remember, Dying Young, Anna and the King, Last of the Mohicans. Star Wars - can't help it, grew up on it - and James Bond, but don't tell anyone, its my British mother who got me hooked on James.
Favorite Music Hmmm. Can't be bothered with how wide this question can go!
Favorite Books The mark of the Lion, by Francine Rivers. It was the first Christian fiction I ever read and I count myself blessed to have started with the best. Redeeming love is also amazing. Tamara Leigh novels - Stealing Adda was my favorite. She is funny and witty and I really enjoy the conventions of writing being broken for a change of pace. Easy reading and just plain enjoyable? - the talented Deeanne Gist I also enjoy Lynn Austin, Kristen Heitzmann, Kathleen Morgan, Janice Thompson, Lori Copeland...okay, I could go on forever. Oh, but let's not forget the very talented Laura Frantz and Lori Benton - amazing. And those are just my CBA favorites!

If you could change only one choice you have made in life, what would it be?