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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Database Administrator
Location Canterbury, CT, United States
Introduction I work in a State diploma mill in Connecticut, though not as an educational factory worker. I work in the computer center and used to be one of those mainframe guys. These computer-ettes still seem like toys to me (queue Grampa Simpson reference.) My bachelor’s degree is in Biblical studies, which means I worked as a cook after college while going to night school in a community college studying COBOL, Fortran and other variations of the Harappan dialect. After getting a real job I was able to continue my pursuit of worthless yet interesting information by getting a master’s degree in Anthropology. My thesis was a computer simulation of The Prisoners’ Dilemma and, yes, I wrote it on the mainframe. I’m a single parent who raised a daughter (said daughter now works in Boston.) Hobbies include woodworking (full shop in the basement, also inhabited by saw dust angels), community theatre (acting, stage managing, directing, cleaning the toilets, etc.), the Learning/History channels, some gardening, reading and asking ‘What if’ questions like, ‘What if the moon is NOT made out of green cheese?’