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Introduction Chris and Myleka lived lives parallel to one another. Though never intersecting. Barely missing each other as they walked the halls of same high school day after day, attended the same physiology class together, and despite being feet away at German club managed to never meet or exchange a single word. Until a late summer night. Myleka received a compelling text from a friend stating that a boy had been found who was just Myleka’s type and she better come over fast to meet him. And that is how after four years of eluding one another they met. They Bonded over a love of Shakespeare, shared high school experiences, films, trips with friends, and music. They experienced inexplicable camaraderie to the point they wished to never leave each others side. And here they are today and this page will tell you of their adventures, heartbreaks, and triumphs……….or myleka may take the page over for herself.